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Audio gallery

You'll find audio clips describing several of our zoo animals and their enclosures here.

The clips are voiced by some of Northern Ireland's biggest celebrities, including Zöe Salmon, Colin Murray and Gerry Anderson.

All clips are available in MP3 format. Text transcripts of each track are also available.

To get the most from the clips, why not download them onto your MP3 player and listen to them when you visit the zoo?

All the clips open in a new window.

Zöe Salmon as Jasmine the two-toed sloth

Zöe SalmonJasmine the two-toed sloth

Length of clip: 7:49

Download clip of Zöe Salmon as Jasmine (MP3 - 7.16MB)

Download text transcript of Zöe Salmon as Jasmine (Word - 37KB)


Colin Murray as Andy the chimpanzee

Colin MurrayAndy the chimpanzee

Length of clip: 6:30

Download clip of Colin Murray as Andy (MP3 - 5.95MB)

Download text transcript of Colin Murray as Andy (Word - 34.5KB)


Julian Simmons as Wesley the Californian sea lion

Julian SimmonsWesley the California sea lion

Length of clip: 4:24

Download clip of Julian Simmons as Wesley (MP3 - 3.53MB)

Download text transcript of Julian Simmons as Wesley (Word - 31.5KB)


May McFetridge as Tina the Asian elephant

May McFetridgeTina the Asian elephant

Length of clip: 3:40

Download clip of May McFetridge as Tina (MP3 - 3.01MB)

Download text transcript of May McFetridge as Tina (Word - 31KB)


Olivia Nash as Olivia the Gentoo penguin

Olivia NashOlivia the Gentoo penguin

Length of clip: 6:40

Download clip of Olivia Nash as Olivia (MP3 - 5.34MB)

Download text transcript of Olivia Nash as Olivia (Word - 32.5KB)


Gerry Anderson as Gerry the Rothchild's giraffe

Gerry AndersonGerry the Rothchild's giraffe

Length of clip: 6:01

Download clip of Gerry Anderson as Gerry (MP3 - 4.82KB)

Download text transcript of Gerry Anderson as Gerry (Word - 33KB)


Ralph McLean as Qays the Barbary lion

Ralph McLeanQays the barbary lion

Length of clip: 4:21

Download clip of Ralph McLean as Qays (MP3 - 3.49MB)

Download text transcript of Ralph McLean as Qays (Word - 32KB)

Our animals

Belfast Zoo is home to over 1,000 animals and more than 150 different species.

The majority of our animals are in danger in their natural habitat.

About the zoo

Belfast Zoo opened in 1934 and is one of Northern Ireland's top attractions.

It receives more than 300,000 visitors a year.


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