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Maps and routes

Couple walking through Belfast Zoo

Belfast Zoo covers 55 acres and contains many different enclosures and special areas for our animals.

There are lots of different routes you can take around the zoo, depending on which animals you want to see.

Download the map below and use it to plan your journey around the zoo.

The map also shows the location of refreshment areas, toilet facilities, meeting points and first-aid stations.

Suggested routes

There are lots of different routes you can take around the zoo, depending on which animals you want to see.

Rainbuster route

Don't let the weather spoil your fun during your visit to the zoo. We have a range of wet weather shelters located around our site.

You can find these at the following locations:

  • walk-through aviary
  • Blesbok enclosure
  • lion enclosure
  • fossa enclosure
  • elephant and giraffe walk
  • monkey walk
  • coati enclosure
  • lion-tailed macaque enclosure.

They are also marked with a yellow box on our map.

Our animal houses can also provide shelter from the cold and rain.

Examples include:

  • ape house
  • monkey house
  • spider monkey house
  • reptile house.

Refreshments are also available in Percy's Picnic Pitstop, the Lion's Den Restaurant and the Treetop Tearoom (check opening times before you visit).

The following routes are all clearly marked on the map above:

Avenue animal walk

This walk contains some of our quieter and reclusive animals, as well as some of our most unusual species, including the Malayan tapir and giant anteater.

Lake walk

Stop off and see our farm animals as you walk around the lake. Children can have fun in the play park and animals in the area include spider monkeys and red kangaroos.

Elephant and giraffe walk

View some of our largest and tallest animals during this walk, which also includes an indoor viewing area. You can also see Grant's zebra, ostriches and meerkats on this route.

Monkey walk

Hang out with some of our monkeys, including the black and white Colubus monkey and the Javan brown langur. Other animals include crowned sifaka and tamarins.

Hill walk

As you walk towards the top of the zoo, you will see our largest and smallest primates side by side - the western lowland gorilla and the pygmy marmoset. You can also see chimpanzees and fossas on this route.

Mountain walk

This walk takes you to the top of the zoo where you can see red river hogs, cheetahs and the Malayan sun bear.

Cat walk

Visit the big cats of the zoo, including Barbary lions, which are extinct in the wild.

Sea lion and penguin walk

See our aquatic animals, such as gentoo and rockhopper penguins and Californian sea lions, swimming in their enclosures.

Bird Park and Rainforest House

This walk will allow you to experience life in a rainforest with our Rodrigues fruit bats. You can also see some of the zoo's spectacular flying animals in the Bird Park.

Prairie dog pass and walk-through aviary

Get close to our birds as they fly around you in our walk-through aviary. You can also see prairie dogs and Moloch gibbons on this route.

Our animals

Belfast Zoo is home to over 1,000 animals and more than 150 different species.

The majority of our animals are in danger in their natural habitat.

About the zoo

Belfast Zoo opened in 1934 and is one of Northern Ireland's top attractions.

It receives more than 300,000 visitors a year.


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