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Blue-eared glossy starling

Lamprotornis Chalybaeus

Blue eared glossy starling

The blue-eared glossy starling builds its nest in tree holes or inside the large stick nests of the scared ibis.  This bird lays three to five green/blue eggs which hatch after 14 days of incubation.  Birds such as the great spotted cuckoo and the greater honeyguide will often use the blue eared glossy starling’s nest to lay their own eggs. The starling will then unknowingly incubate and rear the other bird’s chicks.

Animal class


Diet - Omnivore
The blue-eared glossy starling eats fruits (particularly figs), seeds and insects.

This bird measures 22 centimetres and weighs about 60 grams.

Blue-eared glossy starlings are found in open woodland in sub Saharan Africa.

Conservation status
The IUCN considers that the blue-eared glossy starling is not yet in danger of extinction in the wild.

There are no known substantial threats to the blue-eared glossy starling population at present.

Current population
No studies have been carried out but the blue-eared glossy starling is reported to be abundant throughout its range.

Zoo population
There are over 60 blue-eared glossy starlings living in zoos worldwide.