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Bronze turkey

Meleagris gallopavo domestic bronze

Bronze turkey

The bronze turkey is a domestic breed of turkey. This distinctive bird gets its name from the colour of the plumage as the feathers have an iridescent bronze-like sheen.

The bronze turkey is native to North America and was domesticated by the Aztecs in Mexico 500 years ago. Turkeys were taken to Spain in the 1500’s and became widely known across Europe.

Belfast Zoo is currently home to two male bronze turkeys, called Freddie and Mercury.


Diet - Omnivore
The bronze turkey eats insects, cereals and vegetable protein.

The average bronze turkey can be up to 60 centimetres long.

Bronze turkeys are widely farmed and are popular in America.

The IUCN does not see the bronze turkey as being in any danger of becoming extinct.

As a domesticated breed there are no direct threats.

Current population
It is unknown how many bronze turkeys live throughout the world.

Zoo population
30 bronze turkeys live within zoos across the world.