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Miniature donkey

Equus asinus asinus miniature

Miniature donkey

These donkeys are extremely popular as pets because of their affectionate and docile nature and their small size.

They get on well with a variety of other livestock and become quite attached to their herd mates, as well as their owners.

Belfast Zoo is home to Dylan and Miss Ellie, the miniature donkeys, who live in the zoo farm!

Animal class


Diet - Herbivore
This donkey thrives on hay and grain, as well as the occasional apple.

It averages 32 to 34 inches at the withers (or shoulders) and is 90 to 155 kilograms in weight.

Donkeys are originally from the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia but are now commonly found in farmyards around the world.

Conservation status
Miniature donkeys are becoming increasingly rare in their native areas of Sicily and Sardina.

The cross breeding of donkeys is slowly diluting the pure breed of the miniature donkey.

Current population
There are 20,000 miniature donkeys all over the world.

Zoo population
There are approximately 80 miniature donkeys in zoos worldwide.