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Native species

We are well known for our work with exotic species from around the world but we are also committed to protecting wildlife found on our own doorstep.

We work together with local wildlife groups to inform visitors about local biodiversity and the issues our native species and habitats face.

In 2004, members of Belfast Zoo staff formed a native species group. This group aims to:

  • raise awareness of the problems that native species and their habitats face and the need to protect them 
  • highlight the native animals that live in or near the zoo but are rarely seen or noticed 
  • encourage local wildlife to make use of various habitats within the zoo site, by providing bat boxes and bird boxes, and developing wild flower meadows 
  • support other local environmental organisations with similar native species and conservation work 
  • work with other zoos to promote native species 
  • take part in and encourage research to conserve native species and habitats 
  • organise events to raise awareness and funds for native species projects 
  • play an active role in the breeding and conservation of specific native species who are in most danger of extinction, including the red squirrel 
  • work with young people to develop and inspire a responsibility for our native species, including zoo club and community projects. 

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