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Tamworth pig

Sus scrofa domesticus

Tamworth pig

The Tamworth pig has a distinctive ginger coat and is said to be descended from the wild boar. This pig has an elongated face with erect pointy ears and a long narrow body.

This animal is also known as a Tam or a Sandy Back and is prone to sunburn in the warmer months. It originates form Tamworth in the UK and is one of the oldest known pig breeds in UK.

Animal class


Diet - Herbivore
The Tamworth pig is fed on hay and pig pellets. They also eat pig meal, which is thought to help to keep them hydrated.

The Tamworth pig measures 65cm at the shoulders and is 140cm long, with a 30cm curly tail. It weighs 370 kilograms.

The Tamworth pig is originally from Tamworth, Staffordshire, but can be found in the United Kingdom, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Conservation status
The Rare Breeds Survival trust has listed the Tamworth pig as vulnerable.

The fast paced meat industry is a major threat to the Tamworth pig.

Current population
There are less than 2000 breeding Tamworth pigs left in the world today.

Zoo population
There are approximately 16 Tamworth pigs in zoos around the world.