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Toco toucan

Ramphastos toco

Toco toucan

The toco toucan’s oversized colourful bill has gained this bird great popularity throughout the world.

It is the largest of the toucan species. Toco toucans tend to live in small flocks of six birds. Their colours provide them with great camouflage in the canopy of the rainforest. This large colourful beak may look heavy but it is actually made of a hollow-like honeycomb structure that has been recently found to help the bird regulate its body temperature. Toco toucans nest in hollows in large trees.

Rainforest and Savannah

Diet - Insectivore/Herbivore
The toco toucan likes to eat insects, spiders, worms, berries and fruit. On occasion they also eat small reptiles.

The average toco toucan can be up to 60 centimetres long. It can weigh up to 700 grams.

Toco toucans prefer tropical rainforest areas in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Guyana and Paraguay.

The toco toucan is not believed to be in danger of extinction in the wild.

They are very popular birds and are hunted and trapped for the pet trade. The toco toucan’s habitat is slowly being destroyed too.

Current population
The toco toucan is still a very common bird. Exact figures are unknown in the wild.

Zoo population
There are 220 toco toucans living in zoos around the world.