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Von der Decken’s hornbill

Tockus deckeni

Von der Decken’s hornbill

Von der Decken’s hornbills are highly curious birds that are well accustomed to being around humans.  They tend to be very vocal throughout the day while communicating with one another.  Hornbills nest in large holes in hollow trees. The pair will seal the female inside the nest, with a mud and saliva wall that dries hard in the African sun.  A small hole is all that is left so that the male can hunt and pass food to the female and chicks.  She will only leave this nest once all of the chicks are fully fledged.

Animal class

Grasslands and Savannah

Diet - Omnivore
These hornbills like to eat seeds, insects and small mice. They also eat fruits such as papaya, apples and cantaloupe.

The average hornbill can be up to 35 centimetres long. It can weigh up to 212 grams.

Von der Decken’s hornbill prefer thorn shrubs and arid habitats of central and east Tanzania, through Kenya to south east Ethiopia and Somalia.

The IUCN does not believe that that the Von der Decken’s hornbill will be facing extinction in the near future.

Poaching is the biggest threat to this type of bird. They are also captured for the live pet trade.

Current population
It is not known how many Von der Decken’s hornbills there are in the wild.

Zoo population
There are 180 Von der Decken’s hornbills living in zoos across the world.