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Wattled jacana

Jacana jacana

Wattled jacuna

The wattled jacana is a wading wetland bird. All jacanas have huge feet and claws that enable them to walk on floating vegetation in the shallow lakes, which is their preferred habitat.

It is the male that incubates the four eggs laid by the female. Sitting on a floating nest, he holds two eggs under each wing. The female helps defend the nest.


Diet - Insectivore
The wattled jacana eats insects and other invertebrates.

The average wattled jacana can be up to 23 centimetres.

Wattled jacanas are found in wetlands with floating vegetation in Central and South America, from Panama to northern Argentina.

Conservation status
The wattled jacuna is not in any risk of extinction.

The main threat to this bird is habitat loss.

Current population
It is unknown how many wattled jacuna there are in the wild.

Zoo population
There are 40 wattled jacunas in zoos worldwide.