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White-browed coucal

Centropus supercilious

White browed coucal

The white-browed coucal is a species of cuckoo and originates from Kenya. It lives in thick scrub and undergrowth. Their singing has been compared to the sound of water pouring from a bottle. They are therefore known as the ‘rain bird’ in Kenya.

Forest and marsh or wetlands.

Diet - Carnivore
White-browed coucals have a wide diet which includes insects, young birds and eggs.

The average white browed coucal is up to 40 centimetres long.

White-browed coucals are found in Zaire, Sudan, Kenya, Ethopia, Somalia and the forests of the Congo.

Conservation status
The white-browed coucal is not currently in any danger of extinction.

Conflict with humans is their main threat.

Current population
It is not known how many white-browed coucals are currently living in the wild.

Zoo population
There are 20 white coucals living in zoos across the world.