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Brand guidelines

If you decide to use the Belfast Zoo brand, you must follow our brand guidelines.
Our identity can easily be used with different backgrounds and, if you're a designer, you can download all the relevant files you need here. 

Corporate identity guidelines

Before you use our logo, you should read the guidelines outlining its use. They also explain the zoo brand in detail and give examples of when it should be used. 


These logos are for designers only. For guidance on how to use them, please read our corporate identity guidelines (above). 

Full colour

The recommended application of the Belfast Zoo logo is the core full colour identity, used on a white background. 


When using either of our two corporate greens as a background colour, the logo can be used in a semi-reversed state. 

Single colour

If you need a single colour version of the logo, use one of our two corporate greens. 


A black version of the logo is also available. 


If you need to reverse the logo out of colour, and the colour is not either of our corporate greens, use black where possible. 


The Belfast Zoo brand should be used together with our partner brands. They are: 

Belfast City Council 

The Belfast City Council brand comes in a variety of colours and can be used with or without a range of special taglines. 

More information

If you have a query about how to use our brand, call our marketing team on 028 9077 6277.