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Key Stage 2

Summer session 

The world around us: in danger! 

Pupils will discover that animals are endangered, the reason for the problems and what we can do to help endangered animals.

Curriculum Content  
  • How people’s actions can affect many animals in environments close by, and throughout the world. 
  • The importance of living a lifestyle that allows us to live in harmony with all the animals we find throughout the world.
Change Over Time
  • The changes that have taken place on a world wide scale, what are the drivers behind the change and the consequences for many different animals.
Learning outcomes 
  • Discover that many animals are endangered.
  • Understand how human activity is increasing the problem
  • Recognise the role of zoos in conservation • Realise the role we can all play in conservation


Super saver or enhanced session 

The world around us: variety of life

Pupils will discover, through close observation, the range of animal diversity within the animal kingdom and ways of classification. This is an introduction to different types and classification of animals. The children get to observe at close quarters, examples of an invertebrate and several different vertebrates and look at body covering, breathing, and breeding as characteristics. Other ways of grouping, e.g. by diet (carnivore, herbivore etc.) are also introduced. Children are presented with different animals (real, pictures, bio-facts) and asked to use their knowledge to sort into groups. 

Curriculum Content 
  • The variety of living things in the world. 
  • Animals that hibernate.
Movement and Energy 
  • Animals that migrate. 
Learning outcomes
  • Recognise that there is a wide diversity of animal life on Earth.
  • Discover that animals have some characteristics in common and some features that are different. 
  • Use these features to acquire knowledge of a vast range of different species in the animal kingdom. 
  • Understand that grouping helps us make sense of animal life.
  • Identify key characteristics and sort animals into groups. 


Super saver or enhanced session 

The world around us: rainforest explorer 

Discover the amazing diversity of life in the rainforest and explore our relationship with it. 

Curriculum Content 
  • The interdependence of plants, animals and people in the environment.
  • How people effect the environment over time.
  • How place influences animal life.
  • Positive and negative effects on habitats and environment as a result of behaviour and demands.
  • The influence of the environment on nature.
  • How animals adapt and survive in the environments.  
Movement and Energy
  • Why animals move
  • Causes that affect the movement of animals 
Change Over Time
  • How to make change. 
  • The responsibility of society to global issues.
  • The consequences of change.
Learning outcomes 
  • Examine the structure of rainforests and where they are found.
  • Discover the wide range of diversity in the rainforest.
  • Explore the relationship between humans and the environment.
  • Understand what can be done to help protect wildlife and the environment.

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