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Primary schools

Our education team provides a range of exciting, interactive workshops and services for primary schools at key stage one and two. These education programmes complement your work in the classroom while also bringing learning to life. Key stage one and two services include:

Key Stage one

Full education and outreach visits cover the following topics:

Let’s look at animals  Colours and patterns  What's for dinner?  
We encourage children to use their senses to observe the animals in the zoo. By touching a reptile or a mammal in the classroom, they will see and feel that animals are different. They will experience how and why animal calls are so varied and that some of the animals have very distinctive smells. Through observation, we make children aware that all animals have different colours, shapes and patterns. In an interactive session, we begin to look at the reasons animals have different colours and patterns. The children will find out how animals have different strategies for finding, catching, reaching and eating their food.

Key Stage two

Full education and out reach visits cover the following topics:

All kinds of animals
Camouflage Food and energy
This topic offers a simple introduction to animal classification and looks at the similarities and differences between the five major vertebrate groups. The theme is emphasised by observing a selection of small animals (outreach visits) or visiting the animals in the zoo (full education visits).
This theme explains how animals use different patterns, colours and shapes to help them hide from their prey or predators, to make themselves look attractive to potential mates and to scare off other animals.
This topic shows children the importance of all parts of the food chain. It examines the role of plants and explores animals' different diets and feeding habits.

Self guided visits - key stage one and two

Self guided education visits cover the following topics:

African animal trail Animal tails
This trail takes a look at the zoo's African animals. A map and teachers' notes provide information on a wide range of topics, from camouflage to conservation.

The pack also provides worksheets for use at the zoo and in the classroom.
This trail examines the range of colours, shapes, patterns and tails found in the animal world. It is observation-based and encourages children to spot the differences between animals.

The pack provides a map, teachers’ notes and worksheets for use at the zoo and in the classroom.

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