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Belfast Zoo's ring-tailed lemur and a camera.

Annual photographic competition launch

14 April 2014

Our 31st annual photographic competiton is now open to all zoo visitors and photography clubs and will end on 19 September 2014.

Marjorie, the Malayan tapir and mother, Gladys.

World tapir day

27 April 2014

World Tapir Day aims to raise awareness about the four species of tapir that inhabit Central and South America and South-East Asia. Visit our tapirs at feeding time to learn more about these incredible animals.

Visitor face painting

Tiny tots day

10 May 2014

Swing by with your little monkeys and enjoy tiny tots day at Belfast Zoo.

Old Belfast Zoo entrance.

Old zoo tour

18 May 2014

Celebrate the zoo’s 80 year history by taking a special guided tour of the old zoo site!

Our animals

Belfast Zoo is home to over 1,000 animals and more than 150 different species.

The majority of our animals are in danger in their natural habitat.

About the zoo

Belfast Zoo opened in 1934 and is one of Northern Ireland's top attractions.

It receives more than 300,000 visitors a year.


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