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Terms and conditions

• Volunteer activities are available to persons aged 18 years and over.
• You may be asked for photographic identification as proof of age
• Volunteer activities will be decided and agreed upon before the day, preferably 14 days in advance. It is not possible to request activities outside those described
• Due to unforeseen operational and animal care circumstances, Belfast Zoo cannot guarantee that all animals and exhibits will be available on the date selected. Belfast Zoo reserves the right to alter or cancel the activities on any given day. Belfast Zoo will give as much notice as possible. However, this cannot always be guaranteed. Belfast Zoo will not reimburse travel, accommodation or any other associated costs if the scheduled date is cancelled.
• A reasonable level of fitness is required to take part.
• It is your responsibility to inform us if you have any medical condition that you, or your doctor feel we should be aware of in order to ensure your safety.
• Please inform us if you have any allergies (e.g. dust, fur or animal bedding).
• Please inform us of any disabilities to enable us to try and adapt, where reasonable, the volunteer activities to your needs.
• Volunteer activities are not available to pregnant women, people with relevant phobias or known allergies or immuno-compromised individuals.
• While every effort is made to accommodate those with a disability or learning difficulty, this may not always be reasonably possible. Please contact Belfast Zoo for advice. 
• Your volunteer pack includes arrival details, a guide to safety procedures, terms and conditions and a disclaimer.

Footwear & Clothing
• For all volunteer activities, volunteers must wear steel toe capped boots. Do ensure that your boots are comfortable as you will be on your feet for most of the day
• Please wear suitable clothing. We advise trousers (not shorts, skirts or dresses)
• Please wear clothing which you do not mind getting dirty
• Clothing should be in neutral colours as bright colours can startle some animals
• Pack waterproofs in case it rains and sun screen and a sun hat if your experience is booked to take place in summer.
• Please do not wear jewellery.

• You will be met by an appropriate zoo officer or a keeper who will check any photographic identification, go over safety procedures and witness your signing of these terms and conditions
• You must abide by staff instructions and safety rules at all times.
• All relevant Council policies should be followed including animal escape procedures, emergency evacuation, social media usage. (This policies, or at least the relevant parts, will have to be communicated at the induction alongside the visitor code of conduct).
• Smoking is only allowed in designated areas during allocated break times.
• You will be given any necessary training for the volunteer activity by a member of staff.
• You will be supervised, where possible, by a member of zoo staff, but may be left on your own at times.
• Groups should appoint a member of the team as team leader who will take responsibility for the group’s activities.
• Where constant supervision is not possible, a member of zoo staff will make regular checks on the group. Relevant mobile phone numbers should be exchanged.
• When in an animal enclosure, the taking of photographs using mobile phones is permitted but sharing these on social media is strictly prohibited.
• We may take photographs of volunteer groups for marketing purposes. If you do not wish for these photos to be taken or used, please tell a member of zoo staff
• Belfast Zoo or its employees do not accept any liability for any accident, loss or damage, injury or illness to participants, their property, vehicles and contents or to any other person or property whatsoever, whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract or in any other way whatsoever
• Our visitor code of conduct applies at all times during the volunteer activities and while on the zoo site.
• Belfast Zoo reserves the right to ask any participant to leave the zoo, should they fail to adhere to the instructions of its employees, fail to adhere to health and safety requirements or behave in an inappropriate or unsafe manner.
• You must not enter areas which staff identify as out of bounds or cross any safety barriers during your experience.

If you have any queries prior to your visit, please call 028 9077 6277 for advice.