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Photo competition 2014

Our annual photographic competition challenges budding and amateur photographers to take a picture of our animals during a visit to the zoo. 

Here are our winners and runners-up from 2014.

Belfast Zoo photo competition 2014

 Category A - Best picture taken by a club photographer 
 1st prize  Crowned lemur - Frances Price
 2nd prize  Violaceous turaco by Sammy Lyttle 
 3rd prize  Sumatran tigers by Raymond Hughes 
 Highly commended   Western lowland gorilla by Frances Price 
  Linnie's two toed sloth by Gareth O'Cathain
  Fossa by John McKernan 

 Category B - Best picture taken by a zoo visitor 
 1st prize   Temminick's golden cat by Bruce Marshall 
 2nd prize   Temminick's tragopan by Sharon Cuatriz
 3rd prize  Pygmy marmoset by Phillip Hutton
 Highly commended   Rodrigues fruit bat by Alastair McCook
  Rothschild's giraffe by Deirdre Corrigan 
  Emperor tamarin by Douglas Gordon

 Category C - Best black and white picture 
 1st prize  Barbary lion by Raymond Hughes 
 2nd prize  Western lowland gorilla by Frances Price 
 3rd prize  Lion-tailed macaque by Joe Beattie
 Highly commended   Spot-necked otter by Sammy Lyttle
  Pied tamarin by Tom Irvine
  Western lowland gorilla cub by Tommy Millar 

 Category D - Best funny caption   Caption 
 1st prize  Daniel Marshall    "Meerkat photo bomb!" 
 Highly commended  David Brownlow  "Make sure you get my best side!" 
 Highly commended   Mark Gillian  "What's up mum? Reeeespeeect!"

 Category E - Best picture taken by someone under 16 
 1st prize  Chestnut backed thrush by Fiona Beattie 
 Highly commended   Rothschild's giraffe by Daniel Marshall

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