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Photo competition 2015

Our annual photographic competition challenges budding and amateur photographers to take a picture of our animals during a visit to the zoo. 

Here are our winners and runners-up from 2015.

Belfast Zoo photo competition 2015

 Category A - Best picture taken by a club photographer 
 1st prize  Francois langurs by Terry Hanna
 2nd prize  Fossa by Joe Beattie
 3rd prize  Cheetahs by Terry Hanna 
 Highly commended  Barbary lion by Gareth Robinson
 Spot-necked otter by Joe Beattie
 Red-titi monkey infant by Mark Gillian

 Category B - Best picture taken by a zoo visitor 
 1st prize   Sumatran tigers by Bruce Marshall
 2nd prize   Baby chimpanzees by Peter Morgan
 3rd prize  Black and white Colobus monkey by Peter Morgan
 Highly commended  Bronze turkey by Bruce Marshall
 Chilean flamingo flock by Aurimas Slavickis
 Western lowland gorilla cub by Jude Rankin

 Category C - Best black and white picture 
 1st prize  Francois langur infant by Matthew Allen
 2nd prize  Goodfellow's tree kangaroo by Raymond Hughes 
 3rd prize  Little egret by Phillip Hutton 
 Highly commended  Sumatran tiger by Bruce Marshall
 White-nosed Coati by Phillip Hutton 

 Category D - Best funny caption   Caption 
 Highly commended Gemma Vennard   "Ole! And that's how you finish a Paso Doble!" 

 Category E - Best picture taken by someone under 16 
 1st prize Crowned pigeon by Fiona Beattie 
 Highly commended  Pied tamarin by Alexander Allen
 Linne's two-toed sloth by Fiona Beattie

 Category F - Best adventurer picture 
 1st prize  Ethan practising his chimpanzee moves by Deidre Corrigan 
 Highly commended   Child looking into monkey enclosure by Wayne Gilmore

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