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Photo competition 2018

Our annual photographic competition challenges budding and amateur photographers to take a picture of our animals during a visit to the zoo. 

Here are our winners and runners-up from 2018.

Belfast Zoo 2018 photo competition

 Category A - Best picture taken by a club photographer 
 1st prize  Red panda by Joe Beattie
 2nd prize  Rothschild's giraffe by Vittorio Silvestri
 3rd prize  Red-backed bearded saki by Pamela Wilson
Highly commended   Sumatran tiger by Joe Beattie     
 Crowned lemur by Geraldine Ennis

 Category B - Best picture taken by a zoo visitor 
 1st prize   Western lowland gorilla by Sarah O'Caithan
 2nd prize   Sumatran tiger by Edward Clarke
 3rd prize  Malayan sun bear by Marina Kulakova
 Highly commended   California sea lion by Kerri Shanks
 Scheepmaker's crowned pigeon by Linda Thompson

 Category C - Best black and white picture 
 1st prize  Rodrigues fruit bat by Linda Thompson
 2nd prize  Western lowland gorilla by Bruce Marshall 
 3rd prize  Rothschild's giraffe by Gareth O'Caithan
 Highly commended   Francois langur by Pamela Wilson
 Barbary lion by Phillip Blair 

 Category D - Best funny caption   Caption 
 1st prize  Western lowland gorilla by Bruce Marshall  "Watch, I can do keepie uppies as well"
 Highly commended
Rothschild's giraffes by Anthony Walker 
"Undefeated hide and seek champion, Belfast Zoo 2018"
Rothschild's giraffe and Ostrich by Tim Ligget
"You told me you could fly!"

 Category E - Best picture taken by someone under 16 
 1st prize Sumatran tiger by Jack Sweeney 
 Highly commended 
Rodrigues fruit bat by Amy Jamison 
Cuban tree boa by Ethan Corrigan

 Category F - Best picture of zoo gardens or landscapes 
 1st prize Zoo entrance by Bruce Marshall 
 2nd prize Floral Hall by Gareth O'Caithan
 3rd prize Meerkat and scenery by Gareth O'Caithan
 Highly commended Francois langur and Belfast Lough by Tim Turner

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