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Photo competition 2019

Our annual photographic competition challenges both professionals and amateurs to creatively capture zoo life through their camera lenses, for the chance to win some amazing prizes.

Here are our winners and runners-up from 2019.

Belfast Zoo Photo Competition 2019

 Category A - Best picture taken by a club photographer 
 1st prize (overall winner) Ring tailed lemurs by Robert Sergeant
 2nd prize Malayan sun bear by Steve Haydon
 3rd prize White-bellied pygmy marmoset by Nigel Bell 
Highly commended  Panther chameleon by Malcolm Moorehead
 Yellow mongoose by Malcolm Moorehead

 Category B - Best picture taken by a zoo visitor 
 1st prize Palm cockatoo by Bruce Marshall
 2nd prize White-tailed sea eagle by Mo Rainey
 3rd prize Black-tailed prairie dog by Mervyn Marshall
 Highly commended Ostrich by John McMullan
 Rothschild’s giraffe by Lesley Barker

 Category C - Best black and white picture 
 1st prize    Visayan warty pig by Mervyn Marshall   
 2nd prize Eastern black and white colobus monkey by Mervyn Marshall
 3rd prize Chimpanzee by Mervyn Marshall
 Highly commended  Southern screamer by Malcolm Moorehead
 Barbary lion by Mervyn Marshall

Category D - Best funny caption   Caption:                            
1st prize     François Langur by Stephen McComb    "Peek-a-boo"

 Category E - Best picture taken by someone under 16 
 1st prize Gentoo penguin by Luke Jordan (age 8) 
 2nd prize Linne's two-toed sloth by Luke Jordan (age 8)
 3rd prize Crowned lemur by Jack Sweeney (age 13)
 Highly commended

Heron by Connie Hamilton (age 13) 

Yellow mongoose by Ethan Corrigan (age 10)

 Category F - Best picture of zoo gardens or landscapes
 1st prize Cave hill with giraffe by Sean Megahey
 2nd prize Mountain walk view by Bruce Marshall
 3rd prize Zoo entrance in bloom by Deirdre Corrigan


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