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28 Jun 2019
Is Belfast Zoo’s adorable baby giraffe’s name.
baby giraffe
27 Jun 2019
Belfast Zoo’s latest addition, the Rothschild’s giraffe calf, will be taking his first steps outside soon!
Popcorn and Peanut, our little flamingo chicks
14 Jun 2019
Do you remember our little flamingo chicks Popcorn and Peanut?
14 Jun 2019
On 7 June 2019, Belfast Zoo opened its doors for the 15th annual Dreamnight charity event.
praire dogs
11 Jun 2019
Our latest litter of prairie dogs has brought a huge “pup”ulation boom to the colony, it is estimated that there has been around 17 prairie dog pups born.
lemur and camera
10 Jun 2019
Belfast Zoo is delighted to offer a number of photography workshops in partnership with Jessops Academy.
06 Jun 2019
Belfast Zoo will be hosting our annual invite only charity event, Dreamnight, on Friday 7 June 2019 from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.
Love Your Zoo
24 May 2019
We will be offering free walking tours* on Sunday 26 May and Sunday 2 June .
Francois's langur
20 May 2019
‘Zooper’ news! We are excited to announce the birth of an endangered animal at the Belfast Zoo. We are welcoming an adorable baby François’s langur, born 23 April to mother Nicoline and father AJ.
sign video
17 May 2019
Belfast has become the first council in Northern Ireland to provide a dedicated sign language service for deaf residents.
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