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Zoo Card
25 Jan 2019
Belfast Zoo is excited to announce its first photography workshop in partnership with Jessops Academy. The award-winning Level 1 photography course is suitable for complete beginners and includes classroom learning and practical sessions in the beautiful setting of the zoo’s Cavehill site.
23 Jan 2019
Shortly after Christmas 2018, Belfast zoo sent out a call requesting for the public to donate any natural Christmas trees and were amazed with the response!
18 Jan 2019
Keepers at Belfast Zoological Gardens have been busy this January, performing their annual stock take of animals. This includes a head count of over 600 animals and more than 120 different species!
07 Jan 2019
The report details the deaths of three giraffes which occurred at Belfast Zoo in 2018.
13 Dec 2018
Santa Claus isn’t the only man in red to arrive this Christmas, as Belfast Zoo is celebrating the birth of a little red titi monkey!
Junior Keeper
10 Dec 2018
Many children dream of becoming a zoo keeper when they grow up, and now Belfast Zoo is offering the chance for young animal lovers to try out their career aspirations with a new ‘junior keeper for a day’ experience.
03 Dec 2018
Are you doing a clear out before Christmas and thinking of dumping some old clothes that are gathering dust in your wardrobe?
red panda
22 Nov 2018
Belfast Zoo is celebrating the birth of endangered twin red panda cubs!
19 Nov 2018
Belfast Zoo has recently welcomed a female maned wolf from Plock Zoo in Poland. Wendy was born on 17 December 2017 and arrived in Belfast on 20 October 2018. She will soon join Belfast’s male maned wolf, Logan!
Dino News
18 Nov 2018
Belfast Zoo has a ‘ZOO-RASSIC DINO DEAL’ for all of their visitors this November, to celebrate the arrival of the Natural History Museum’s iconic Diplodocus dinosaur skeleton, Dippy, to the Ulster Museum!
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