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Tina recovers after fall

Date: 20 Jan 2012

Tina the elephant

Tina, the Asian elephant, had another fall yesterday. She is now back on her feet and keepers are keeping a close eye on her.

20 years ago, Tina’s leg was injured when she was mixed with a bull elephant for breeding purposes. This injury resulted in limited flexibility of her leg and when Tina falls on the wrong side she has difficulty getting back up. After her fall today, the zoo team worked quickly and Tina was back on her feet in no time.

Curator, Alyn Cairns said, “We made a decision a number of years ago to become a ‘sanctuary’ for a group of elderly non-breeding female elephants. As part of this decision we were well aware of all of the health considerations, risks and responsibilities that are associated with caring for older elephants. Tina is a much loved member of the Belfast Zoo family and most of our visitors have fond memories of her. She is now 46 years old, which is relatively old for an Asian elephant but there is no permanent damage and she is doing well under the care of her keepers.”