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Leaping lemurs are named

Date: 23 Jun 2017

Two baby lemurs

We recently announced the birth of three baby white-belted ruffed lemurs and asked for your help to name them!

We received more than 200 ZOOPER entries, with more than 600 names suggested.

The winner of the competition was Matthew Gillham who won an animal adoption.  Lemurs are found on the island of Madagascar and Matthew chose some Malagasy names for the trio.  The lovely lemur ladies have now been named and will keep these names for life:

  • Fitiavana which means 'love' in Malagasy.
  • Vintana which means 'luck' in Malagasy.
  • Paix which means 'peace' in French (a language also frequently spoken on this island).

Senior keeper, Allan Galway, said "We were overwhelmed with the response to the competition to name our little lemurs. It was incredibly difficult to judge the competition as we received so many great suggestions. Matthew's names stood out due to their originality and their relevance to the island of Madagascar. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who entered."