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Zoo Year Resolutions

Date: 26 Jan 2018

Zoo Zebra resolutions

We all start January with the best of intentions and a long list of resolutions but, by this stage in the month, many of us have already had a few slips or have even given up altogether.

Let us help you make some simple ‘zoo year resolutions’ that will not only be 100% achievable but will also support wildlife at the same time.

Recycle your Christmas tree and donate it to Belfast Zoo

Our Christmas tree drop off point is located in the zoo car park and will be available until 31 January 2018. We use your trees for animal enrichment. The elephants love to munch on this festive feast, the big cats enjoy scent marking the trees and some of the animals love to shelter under them.

Get fit with a regular walk around our 55 acre Cave Hill site

Become a zoo member and get free entry for the entire year! Enjoy the sights and sounds of the zoo in winter, spring, summer and fall, while getting a regular workout.

Shop smarter

The growing palm oil industry is one of the biggest threats facing the habitats and wildlife of Indonesia and Malaysia, driving animals (including Sumatran tigers, Asian elephants and orang-utans) ever further towards the brink of extinction. Palm oil is found in more than 50% of products on supermarket shelves, including margarine, biscuits, bread, cereals, shampoos, cosmetics, candles, cleaning products, chocolate and ice cream! You can help to make a difference by purchasing products in the supermarket that are made with sustainable palm oil production methods. Make sure you check product labels and switch to a more sustainable alternative.

Dump your old habits

Millions of trees are flushed down the toilet each year. Go ahead and switch to recycled toilet paper!

Give meaningful gifts

Has someone in your family got a birthday coming up? Nothing says you care like the gift of a gorilla or a gibbon. You can adopt any animal in the zoo and there is a package to suit every budget. You will not only be the ‘purr-fect’ gift but you will also be supporting the work that we do at the same time!

Walk on the wild side

If you have always been potty about penguins, loopy about lemurs or a fan of Finn the giraffe, treat yourself to a once in a lifetime opportunity and make your dreams come true. Book your animal experience today or add it to your bucket list!

Meet the locals

It’s easy to think that the plight of wildlife is a world away from our daily lives but, in reality, it’s happening right on our doorstep. Northern Ireland’s native species, including the iconic red squirrel and the breathtaking barn owl, are facing increasing threats. Visit Belfast Zoo to meet the ‘locals’ including red squirrel nook, Twilight the barn owl, Harry the rescued hedgehog and the Buzz Stop, which is home to Irish black honeybees.

Support a conservation campaign for animals in the wild

We are committed to ensuring the future of many species under threat. We do this through participation in global and collaborative captive breeding programmes but we also lend our support to in-situ conservation campaigns that aim to protect wildlife in their natural habitats. Next time you visit the zoo you can offer to pay our donation ticket price. A proportion of this goes directly to our allocated campaigns or you can directly donate to the campaigns.

Getting involved?

We would love to hear about your ‘zoo year resolutions’ when you try them out. Get in touch with us to share your story on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email