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Swing by with your little monkeys

Date: 30 Mar 2018

Monkey Madness

We are excited to announce that renovations are now complete on our new marmoset and tamarin complex.

Marmosets and tamarins are New World monkeys found in the tropical forests of Central and South America and are among the smallest primates in the world. Their heads and bodies are as small as 13 cm with tails of 15cm.

‘Callitrichidae’ is the Latin family name for tamarins and marmosets. The name means ‘beautiful hair’. These small primates have an impressive array of manes, crowns, ear tufts and even moustaches!

There are approximately 60 recognised species of marmosets and tamarins. Belfast Zoo is home to five species including golden lion tamarins, cotton top tamarins, pied tamarins, emperor tamarins and pygmy marmosets. We take part in global and collaborative breeding programmes with zoos around the world but we also support conservation projects in the wild, such as the ‘lion tamarins of Brazil fund’. 

As much as 80% of their original forest range has been destroyed and they are now living in small fragmented patches of forest with isolated groups having little chance of interacting with other groups. The long-term goal of the lion tamarins of Brazil fund is to restore and sustain the forest landscape for both tamarins and people.

Zoo curator, Julie Mansell, said “We are delighted with the newly renovated and extended area and all of the marmosets and tamarins are settling in nicely. In fact, our red titi monkeys have also moved into new accommodation within the complex and have already welcomed a baby! We have high hopes that we will soon hear the pitter patter of many more tiny primate feet.”

Find out more about our marmoset and tamarin species:

Stop monkeying around, swing by the zoo this Easter to see the newly renovated area.