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Senior keeper, Linda, is ‘feline good’ after picking up award!

Date: 09 Nov 2018

Award for Linda

Belfast Zoo’s senior keeper, Linda Frew, recently won the ‘best 10 minute presentation’ award for her presentation on crate training Belfast Zoo’s Temminck’s golden cat.

Linda carried out her presentation on the second day of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria (BIAZA) Mammal Working Group Conference, which took place in Dublin Zoo.

Linda, said “The conference was an opportunity for zoo professionals from across the UK and Ireland to come together and share knowledge and best practice techniques.  I am ‘paw-sitively’ delighted with my award especially as it was voted for by my peers and other industry experts.”

Linda continues, “While the award was unexpected and much appreciated, I am equally as proud of the work that I have carried out with the Temminck’s golden cat.  Belfast Zoo is home to the only Temminck’s golden cat in the UK and Ireland.  Crate training this unique cat was a real challenge and took weeks of hard work and dedication.  However, this training will now allow us to interact and manage this animal in a safe and stress-free way for both the keepers and the cat.

Linda joined Belfast Zoo in 1989 and is an experienced member of the zoo team.  We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Linda on her work with our Temminck’s golden cat and her recognition and award at the recent conference.