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Celebrating the birth of an adorable baby François’s langur

Date: 20 May 2019

Francois's langur

‘Zooper’ news! We are excited to announce the birth of an endangered animal at the Belfast Zoo. We are welcoming an adorable baby François’s langur, born 23 April to mother Nicoline and father AJ.

François langurs are Old World monkeys, a term which describes monkeys from Africa and Asia. These distinctive primates have black fur with white streaks of hair running from their mouths to their ears. They also have a tuft of hair on top of their head. However, infants are born with orange fur which gradually changes to adult colouration as they mature.

François’s langurs have been listed as an endangered species since 2007, they are also on a protected list by their origin countries Vietnam and China. In Vietnam, there are less than 500 langurs. In 2003, there were estimated to be 1,400 to 1,650 langurs in China.

François langurs are managed by a European studbook. Andrew Hope, one of Belfast Zoo’s curators holds the studbook for this rare monkey. There are around 116 Francois langurs living in zoos around the world. We have had huge breeding success with the endangered François’s langurs at our zoo, our new baby langur is Nicoline’s fourth. Nicoline is still very protective of her baby, we are hoping to organise a photoshoot soon. You can catch a glimpse of the adorable baby François langur at our monkey walk route when visiting Belfast Zoo.