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Belfast Zoo open for business after battling the wintery weather

Date: 13 Feb 2020

Group of three giraffes.

Belfast Zoo is open to visitors again after being closed due to the heavy snow.

The Cave Hill site had seen a large amount of snowfall over the past two days and, for safety reasons, the decision was made to close the site until it was deemed safe.
The zoo is open again today and visitors are encouraged to come along and visit.

Zoo manager, Alyn Cairns, commented, “The cold weather undoubtedly suits some of the animals, particularly the penguins! Most of our animals have been born either here or in other Northern European zoos and are used to the seasonal nature of our weather. We have heated indoor housing for those animals that need it and we often find that even the more delicate species here at the zoo enjoy exploring their new wintery environment, if only for a fleeting moment. I’d like to thank all of our keepers and staff for their huge efforts to ensure all our animals continue to be well cared for.”