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Easter treats for our animals!

Date: 20 Apr 2020

animals with Easter treats

Our keepers created colourful Easter themed treats for the animals, so that they didn't miss out on the festive fun.

Paper mache eggs were made using nontoxic glue and paint as well as paper that is edible for the animals.

The first animal to receive their treat was Asian elephant, Dhunja. The keepers made an egg-stra large egg and filled it with one of her favourite treats – bananas!

Next to enjoy an egg-cellent treat was Honey the beautiful Tamworth pig who enjoyed using her snout to sniff out her treats.

The colobus monkeys also enjoyed nuts and raisins insider their Easter egg, as did the ring-tailed lemurs! The meerkats made light work of their colourfully painted hard boiled eggs.

Alyn Cairns, zoo manager explains, “Whilst the zoo may be temporarily closed to the public, it is important that we keep the animals occupied with extra enrichment activities as they notice that visitors are no longer at the zoo. The Easter treats provide a great way of keeping some of the animals occupied whilst having a bit of fun!”.

Videos of the animals enjoying their treats can be found on our Facebook page.