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Critically-endangered baby bongo, Nollaig, born at Belfast Zoo

Date: 22 Jan 2021

Nollaig, the baby bongo was born in Belfast Zoo in December 2020

Belfast Zoo are celebrating the arrival of a beautiful eastern baby bongo.

Born on 21 December, the keepers have named her Nollaig, which is Irish for Christmas.

The latest baby bongo is the second calf from parents Tombo and Surali. They had their first baby, Jumapili, a year ago.

Nollaig and big sister Jumapili have been seen playing together in their paddock and the family unit is said to be doing well.

Nick, our bongo expert, said:

" We are delighted that Tombo and Surali have had their second calf together just one year after their first born, Jumapili arrived with us. We felt it was fitting to name the calf Nollaig, which is Irish for Christmas, as a festive nod to her birth date.

The family unit is now stronger than ever with the latest addition and it has been a joy to watch Nollaig explore her surroundings. She has even been spotted frolicking in the paddock with big sister Juma showing her the ropes”.

The eastern bongo species is listed as critically endangered, there are estimated to be less than 80 eastern bongos left in the wild. The successful breeding of eastern bongos is crucial to species survival.