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Adventurers learning centre
18 Jul 2014
Work has started on the latest addition to Belfast Zoo.
Red squirrel
18 Jul 2014
Belfast Zoo is ‘going nuts’ over the latest arrivals to the family; two red squirrel kittens.
Western lowland gorillas
16 Jul 2014
Belfast Zoo recently announced the news that Kamili, the Western lowland gorilla, welcomed a little bundle of joy on Sunday 30 March 2014.
Tina's 50th birthday
02 Jul 2014
The Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Nichola Mallon, made a very special visit to Belfast Zoo today to wish Belfast’s largest resident, Tina the elephant, a happy 50th birthday!
Southern pudu
24 Jun 2014
The latest member of the Belfast Zoo family is Poco the Southern pudu, who was born on 19 May 2014.
Pygmy marmosets
13 Jun 2014
Belfast Zoo’s pygmy marmoset, ‘El Diablo’, will be celebrating his first father’s day at Belfast Zoo with the arrival of newborn twins.
09 Jun 2014
Dreams came true at Belfast Zoological Gardens on Friday night, as 250 families took part in the tenth annual ‘Dreamnight’.
Blue-throated mccaws
30 May 2014
Flock to see Belfast Zoo’s latest arrivals this weekend, as two blue-throated macaws, an Ecuador amazon parrot and 20 Java sparrows have arrived from Chester Zoo!
Malayan sun bear
19 May 2014
Belfast Zoo officially re-opened the renovated Malayan sun bear enclosure today.
Tamworth piglets
05 May 2014
Belfast Zoo’s farmyard is getting even busier, with the arrival of five Tamworth piglets.
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