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Girl pets our bearded dragon
18 Apr 2018
On 28 April 2018, Belfast’s Lord Mayor, Nuala McAllister, will host a free family-fun day to celebrate her year in office and our amazing city.
Rodrigues fruit bats
17 Apr 2018
This international bat appreciation day we are celebrating the recent arrival of nine critically endangered Rodrigues fruit bats from Chester Zoo.
Sasha at the Tropical Ravine
13 Apr 2018
A slippery customer, our very own Sasha the royal python, made a special guest appearance.
Linda and the lion cub
06 Apr 2018
From hand-rearing a lion cub to a career spanning 30 years at Belfast Zoo.
Monkey Madness
30 Mar 2018
We are excited to announce that renovations are now complete on our new marmoset and tamarin complex.
Red titi monkeys at Belfast Zoo
09 Mar 2018
We are celebrating the birth of a tiny red titi monkey.
Belfast Zoo vicuna in the snow
03 Mar 2018
We are currently closed due to the ongoing weather conditions.
Belfast Zoo entrance
01 Mar 2018
For the month of March we will be offering some ZOOPER special offers!
Francois langur baby born at Belfast Zoo
14 Feb 2018
We celebrated the birth of a François langur in late 2017, and the little ‘rascal’ has made his first appearance for visitors.
Snow at Belfast Zoo
11 Feb 2018
We are currently closed due to the ongoing weather conditions.
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