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Daily talks and feeding times

Are you barmy about bears, potty about penguins or mad about monkeys? Then make sure you see your favourite animal at feeding time or at one of our talks.

Download your zoo map.
Download our map (PDF - 653KB) before you arrive to make sure you visit your favourite animal.
Where to eat
It's not just the animals who have a feeding time. Grab yourself a bite to eat.

Animal feeding times

 Time   Animal  Location on map 
 10.45am   California sea lion  45 
 11.15am   Goodfellow's tree kangaroo   23
 11.30am   Chimpanzee (inside)  26 
 12 noon  Monkey house   
   Southern pudu   Crowned lemur   Red-backed bearded saki   20   21   22 
 12.15pm  Malayan sun bear  36
 Colombian spider monkey  12 
 1.45pm  Asian elephant  16
 2pm  Sumatran tiger (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)  39
 2pm  Barbary lion (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)  41
 2.15pm  Meerkats  18
 2.30pm   Penguins   Gentoo penguins   Rockhopper penguins   43 
 California sea lion  45 


California sea lion feeding   Sumatran tiger feeding   Monkey feeding   Malayan sun bear feeding

We try our best to keep all feeding times as listed but for animal care and for operational reasons this may not always be possible. Feeding times may change with no prior notice.