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Getting around

Getting around
Download our map (PDF - 653KB) before you arrive to make sure you visit your favourite animal.
Daily talks and feeding times
Visit your favourite animal at feeding time.

We are located on Cave Hill and some of the paths are on steep slopes but the views of Belfast, from the top of Cave Hill, are worth it.

We recommend you plan your route and remember to wear suitable footwear. 

We do not have storage facilities available for bags or personal belongings. 

Accessibility at Belfast Zoo
Find out more about accessibility at our zoo to help you get around.

Stay cool

  • Protect your skin by covering up with suitable clothing and by wearing a hat. This will prevent general ageing and damage to the skin.
  • Wear sun cream on exposed parts of the body such as the arms and face to prevent long-term damage and reduce ageing of the skin.  
  • Buy moisturisers and makeup with included sun protection.
  • Wear sunglasses when the sun is out to protect the eyes and the delicate skin around the eyes.

Wet weather 

We are mainly an outdoor activity and recommend that you wear appropriate footwear and clothing suitable for wet weather conditions.

We have wet weather shelters and several indoor animal enclosures throughout the site which offer protection from the rain. You can see many of our animals whether they are inside or outside including the farm, spider monkeys, Moloch gibbons, the elephant and giraffe house, the monkey house, chimpanzees, Western lowland gorillas, Barbary lions, penguins, California sea lions and the rainforest house. 

Payments for admission, activities or bookings are non refundable for reasons relating to wet weather.